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Support Practice in Pennsylvania – Coming Changes

The 2019 year will see changes to the rules of civil procedure regarding Support and Divorce cases.  One simple and straightforward change involves filing fees in child support, spousal support and alimony pendente lite cases.  Namely, that there are no filing fees going forward.  In addition, another change is coming to the way that divorce complaints are filed in Pennsylvania.  Claims for child support, spousal support, and alimony pendente lite will not be raised in the divorce complaint but will instead be filed at Domestic Relations section.  These are significant changes for the way that support law is going to be handled.  One other substantive change I’d like to mention is that alimony will no longer be tax deductible or taxable as income going forward.  This isn’t a Pennsylvania rule but rather a Federal one, as the 2018 congressional bill dealing with the topic makes clear.

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