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Pre-Marital and Non-Marital Property in Pennsylvania

If you are in a divorce case involving property division, one important question is whether any property is pre-marital.  Property that is considered pre-marital will not be subject to equitable distribution.  Indeed, even property that is received during the marriage, such as an inheritance, will not be subject to equitable distribution if it is considered Read More

Child Custody Changes – Grandparent’s Rights in Pennsylvania

The law regarding standing for Grandparents to seek custody in Pennsylvania has changed recently in a more expansive direction.  Standing is the legal term for a grandparent’s ability to file for custody rights through the court system.  In other words, standing is not conferred automatically on grandparents.  However, grandparents can now file seek custody if Read More

Support Practice in Pennsylvania – Coming Changes

The 2019 year will see changes to the rules of civil procedure regarding Support and Divorce cases.  One simple and straightforward change involves filing fees in child support, spousal support and alimony pendente lite cases.  Namely, that there are no filing fees going forward.  In addition, another change is coming to the way that divorce Read More

Alimony Practice in Pennsylvania

Alimony Practice in Pennsylvania:  Who is Eligible? The general rule is that alimony is not a given, but is something that the court can award if it finds that such an award is “necessary.”  Given the vagueness of the term, it is helpful to examine the factors that go into determining whether alimony is necessary, Read More


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